iOff 1.1 Released!

08. 01. 2017

Hi there!


Hopefully you had happy holidays and awesome New Year!

Our celebration was awesome although everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. But in the end everything turned out to be good.


We are excited to announce that after about 6 months of work iOff 1.1 is finally released. This new version is focused on adding more flexibility – by adding support for Automator .workflow files, ability to run multiple timers at once and Repeatable/Daily timers, and more (full list of changes is lower)

Now we are going to…

Update on 1.1.0

27. 11. 2016

I welcome you once again!

In last few weeks was released second and third beta, today was released fourth. And its starting to look nice and functional – so here are the things that changed.

Beta 2, 3, 4 Changelog

  • Fixed changing action while timer is running
  • Fixed displaying wrong time on label above time selector
  • Fixed repeatable/daily timer not repeating
  • Fixed issue with Daily timers to schedule on wrong time
  • Fixed starting Prefabs
  • Fixed Restoring saved timers from last session

So, here we are (1.1 ß1 overview)

23. 10. 2016

Hey, welcome!


So, just a brief introduction on what this is, and why it exists.

Here we will be posting news about iOff – new releases, plans, betas, announce giveaways and other things related to iOff.


For a start – about a week ago we released first beta of iOff 1.1, and we would like to give you a quick overview of this new version... and a change log.

This version was mainly focused on adding more versatility to the app, unlocking more ways on how to use it. Currently we can't say when the final version…