iOff 1.1 Released!

08. 01. 2017

Hi there!


Hopefully you had happy holidays and awesome New Year!

Our celebration was awesome although everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. But in the end everything turned out to be good.


We are excited to announce that after about 6 months of work iOff 1.1 is finally released. This new version is focused on adding more flexibility – by adding support for Automator .workflow files, ability to run multiple timers at once and Repeatable/Daily timers, and more (full list of changes is lower)

Now we are going to take a little break before we start to work on version 1.2, but we are planning huge update that will give you even more control of your Mac.


As usual, if you want to ask us anything or you have any suggestion contact us at

And we wish you all the best to 2017, but for now, we are signing off.



- Added option to execute .workflow files (just drag and drop them to script manager window)
- Added possibility to run multiple timers at once
- Added timer modes (daily, repeatable and absolute along with relative)
- Added status bar icon for quick look at running timers
- Timers can be saved and restored on next launch of iOff (if their execution date is in future)
- Added option to create prefab for timers for quick access to your favorite timers
- iOff can be launched at start
- Added "restore" window for quick access to your timers if you don't have any window opened
- New preferences window with new options for you to set
- Fixed issue with favorite menu not refreshing every time
- More misc fixes