So, here we are (1.1 ß1 overview)

23. 10. 2016

Hey, welcome!


So, just a brief introduction on what this is, and why it exists.

Here we will be posting news about iOff – new releases, plans, betas, announce giveaways and other things related to iOff.


For a start – about a week ago we released first beta of iOff 1.1, and we would like to give you a quick overview of this new version... and a change log.

This version was mainly focused on adding more versatility to the app, unlocking more ways on how to use it. Currently we can't say when the final version will be released, but everyone with installed iOff can try this beta simply by checking "check for beta updates" in preferences and then just check for updates. Which would really help us to make is as stable as possible. And if you run into something that doesn't work, looks odd or you just have any feature suggestion please contact us at or at the formular on this website.



  • Added tabs to script window
  • Added option to execute .workflow files (just drag and drop them to script manager window)
  • Added possibility to run multiple timers at once
  • Added timer modes (daily, repeatable, absolute, relative)
  • Added status bar icon for quick look at running timers
  • Timers can be saved and restored on next launch of iOff (if their execution date is in future)
  • Added option to create prefab for timers for quick access to your favorite timers
  • iOff can be launched at start
  • Added "restore" window for quick access to your timers if you don't have any window opened
  • New preferences window with new options for you to set
  • Fixed issue with favorite menu not refreshing every time