Update on 1.1.0

27. 11. 2016

I welcome you once again!

In last few weeks was released second and third beta, today was released fourth. And its starting to look nice and functional – so here are the things that changed.

Beta 2, 3, 4 Changelog

  • Fixed changing action while timer is running
  • Fixed displaying wrong time on label above time selector
  • Fixed repeatable/daily timer not repeating
  • Fixed issue with Daily timers to schedule on wrong time
  • Fixed starting Prefabs
  • Fixed Restoring saved timers from last session
  • Added Quit button to Status Bar menu
  • Fixed big load of misc bugs

There will probably be 2–3 more beta versions before final release of 1.1

And if you have any suggestions/ideas or just want to say Hi, you may so here @Clawistesupport@ioff.net or at the formular on this website.